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The renowned Organization of this region, ‘Akhil Bhartiya Aggarwal Samaj, Regd. Haryana’ has been engaged in the pious work of social service for the last many years. Although a number of Aggarwal Societies working in the different parts of the state and the country have different names, yet all of them have the same aim, that is, to perform the task of social welfare while following the ideals and principals of Maharaja Aggrasen ji. And with the same motive and with a firm determination, the All India Aggrawal Samaj Regd. Haryana has dedicated itself to different social welfare activities. The major motives of the Organisation are as under:

  1. To perform the tasks of social welfare by following the footprints of Maharaja Aggrasen Ji.

  2. To arrange from time to time, Introduction Functions (Parichay Sammelan) for the benefit of marriageable Aggarwal young girls and boys.

  3. To organize Parivar Milan (Family Get-together) functions in order to encourage the old tradition of joint families.

  4. To help the poor people and to get the poor girls married.

  5. As part of social service, to publish free telephone directories.

  6. To arrange special campaigns against social evils like Dowry System.

  7. To organize public awareness campaigns for removing  untouchability, superstitions and other such social evils.

  8. To organize free camps and seminars for the benefit of poor people who are suffering from various diseases.

  9. To celebrate the Anniversary of Maharja Aggrasen every year with pomp and show, and to organize various functions on this occasion.

  10. To celebrate various national festivals.

  11. To celebrate the anniversaries of various great men with zeal.

  12. To distribute food, fruits etc among the poor people at the time of various anniversaries and to organize community meals on such occasions.

  13. To organize various seminars and competitions in order to encourage female  education and the intellectual and educational capabilities of people.

  14. To try to settle various disputes in the community at Panchyat level.

    Demand from Central Government .............. National Holiday on Maharaja Agarsen Jayanti




Raj Kumar Goyal

Aakhil Bhartiya Aggarwal
Samaj (Regd.) Haryana

Near Saini Dharamshala, Rohtak Road, Jind (Haryana)

Mb. 098121-87887


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Mr. Ram Dhan Jain

Director Advt.

Mb. 98123-76624

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